Saturday, July 9, 2011

BIG Breakfast

Once again, Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to thank everyone who came out to our BIG Breakfast, and all of our volunteers who helped make it happen. In addition, a big thank you to our event sponsors BP Cherry Point Refinery, our table sponsors- Sanitary Service, and Unity Group for our center pieces. 

“This year our theme is ‘Windows of Opportunity,’ because we know that the window to have a happy, healthy childhood is time limited,” said Bliss Goldstein, CEO at BBBS.  “We are proud to say we provide children whose futures are at risk with the childhood they deserve—before that window closes.”  

Tim and Becki Murphy of Innovative Industrial Contractors were awarded the Big Heart award for being outstanding volunteers. We dont know what we would do without them and all that their family has done to help BBBS throughout the year. 

"On behalf of our Littles, thank you for sharing your big hearts"

[CEO Bliss Goldstein presenting the award to Becki Murphy]

The breakfast seemed to serve as reminder that being a mentor in someones life is an amazing opportunity. Children who are mentored are 85% more likely to graduate from high school and 97% less likely to get in trouble with juvenile authorities.  In addition, we mentor the mentors.  Many volunteer “Bigs say the same thing: “I get more out of the relationship than my Little.

We were lucky to have such amazing Bigs at the breakfast who shared their stories about being a Big Brother or Sister. One Big and Little pair got up to share a heartwarming story about their special bond, and her Little was kind enough to read a poem she wrote about her Big Sister to all of us. 

Another story that was featured at the breakfast was from Mike Murphy, 
here is a bit about what he wrote about his experience:

“That eventful day when I first met Glenn and his mother at their modest home in south Bellingham is burned into my memory like few other memories in my life, and just recalling it now is making tears roll down my face. The door was opened by a shy little boy wearing his little league uniform and carrying a mitt and baseball (he knew by my bio that I liked baseball as well, and so he was prepared to make an impression!). I could tell he was just as excited as me at the prospect of meeting a new friend that was likely going to become very special."
If you would like to read more testimonials about being a Big, please visit our website and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  

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