Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Breakfast Recap!

Listen up Big Brothers Big Sisters fans, 
we have some amazing news to report from our 2012 Big Breakfast! 

As many of you know, January 31, 2012 BBBS hosted a free breakfast to spread the word about the importance of mentoring in the community. What made this years' breakfast even more special was that we had MLB All-Star Jamie Moyer and his wife Karen Moyer there to speak about why mentoring is so important to them.

It was an inspirational morning to say the least!

Now, what I'm sure you've all been waiting for is that big news I mentioned, right? Well we had a lot of gracious people at the breakfast that day and Big Brothers Big Sisters was able to raise over $18,000!

"BBBS-NW is grateful for the support our community has provided to make it possible for more kids, who ace adversity, to receive the mentors they need to help start him or her on the right path," said Bliss Goldstein, CEO.

We would like to give a special thank you to all of our amazing sponsors that helped make this breakfast possible: Alcoa, Sanitary Service Company, Logos Bible Software, Comcast Business Class, and Nooksack River Casino. A BIG thank you as well to Jamie and Karen Moyer and the Moyer Foundation for their dedication to improving children's lives.

If you would like to be apart of our next event then we would love to have you! Bowl for kids' Sake is coming up April 21, 2012. To register just visit our website: www.bbbs-nw.org

Thursday, February 2, 2012

40 Developmental Assets talked about at the BIG Breakfast

40 Developmental Assets

1.    Family support
2.    Positive Family Communication
3.    Other Adult Relationships
4.    Caring Neighborhood
5.    Caring School Climate
6.    Parent involvement in Schooling
7.    Community Values Youth
8.    Youth as Resources
9.    Service to Others
10. Safety
Boundaries and Expectations
11. Family Boundaries
12. School Boundaries
13. Neighborhood Boundaries
14. Adult Role Models
15. Positive Peer Influence
16. High Expectations
Constructive Use of Time
17. Creative Activities
18. Youth Programs
19. Religious Community
20. Time at Home

Commitment to Learning
21. Achievement Motivation
22. School Engagement
23. Homework
24. Bonding to School
25. Reading for Pleasure
Positive Values
26. Caring
27. Equality and Social Justice
28. Integrity
29. Honesty
30. Responsibility
31. Restraint
Social Competence
32. Planning and Decision Making
33. Interpersonal Competence
34. Cultural Competence
35. Resistance Skills
36. Peaceful Conflict Resolution
Positive Identity
37. Personal Power
38. Self-Esteem
39. Sense of Purpose
40. Positive View of Personal Future