Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Study demonstrates mentoring's effect on communities

Check out http://http://www.preventionaction.org/what-works/ctc/5072 for an interesting article about the further impact of mentoring.

Turns out mentoring reaches out far beyond just the two individuals (The Big and The Little) to affect the whole community. Kids from a community with solid mentoring programs are less likely to start using alcohol, less likely to start smoking, and less likely to be involved in binge drinking.

We at BBBSNW already knew these facts for the kids with mentors, but this study shows the benefits reach out far beyond the individuals. In fact, this study from the University of Washington found that kids from communities without mentors were 41% more likely to participate in delinquent behavior.

All this just goes to affirm the BBBSNW vision: successful mentoring relationships contribute to brighter futures, better schools and stronger communities.

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