Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Story #4!

Our office administrator Lynn Dayton is very lucky to be able to meet and greet all of our Bigs and Littles who come into our offices. She hears stories from many of our volunteers about their experiences and what a difference Big Brothers Big Sisters had made in their lives. For this and next weeks blog story, Lynn had been kind enough to share some of her favorites with us :)

One day an older gentleman walked in (at our Broadway location) and said he had been a Big Brother many years ago in Whatcom County. While he was visiting family in Bellingham he noticed our office and wanted to stop in to say hello. He reminisced about his days as a Big Brother, matched with a Little Brother from a single-mom home. He had introduced his Little to many outdoor activities including hikes in the woods and mountain climbing. Those fun activities and introduction to nature probably wouldn’t have otherwise been experienced by the Little Brother.  When the Little became 18 the official match ended but they remained very good friends and stayed in touch even though they both moved to different states. The “Big” (now 80 years old) talked about the pleasure of being included in his Little Brother’s wedding.
A few months after that visit, both “Big” and “Little” were in town at the same time and they came to the office together to visit us. At that time we learned that all the outdoor activities they enjoyed together years ago resulted in the Little Brother now serving in the US Forest Service!

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