Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Story #5!

Lynn's second story, a great example of how long the relationship between a Big and Little can last.

A mom of a former Little Brother called and said her son’s former Big Brother was going to be visiting soon and she asked if they could come to our office to take a picture of them in front of our big logo sign on the window. They had been matched in another city, but the boy and his mom now live in Bellingham and she had seen our logo while driving by. The boy was turning 18, so the Big Brother was invited to celebrate the birthday with him. They had remained in touch even though they live in separate states now.

The Big Brother had come to town another time to help the Little Brother investigate college opportunities.
So on the day of the birthday, all three of them (mom, Little and Big) came to the office to get some pictures taken. The “Little” Brother was now about 4 inches taller than his “Big” Brother so that in itself made an interesting picture. And then we learned that the Big’s birthday gift to his Little Brother would be to pay for his college expenses! The mom was really excited because a college education probably wouldn’t have been attainable any other way. There were lots of BIG smiles that day to catch on camera. 

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