Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HoneycrispKringle Weekend Recap

If you follow our Facebook and/or Twitter, you have most likely heard that we have a new Volunteer Recruiter, Katie Allison. We are SO lucky to her her at BBBS! Last weekend she attended the HoneyKrispKringle weekend, and then wrote this wonderful blog entry for you all to enjoy: 

Bellewood Blog EntryOver the weekend, I had the pleasure of running BBBS-NW’s info table at Bellewood Acres’ “Honeycrisp Kringle” event, which doubled as a fundraiser. The folks at Bellewood generously donated 10% of all sales throughout the weekend to BBBS-NW, and we are so grateful for their support. Sporting an official, Bellewood-issued Santa hat, I watched all the work that goes into a real apple farm. And the most exciting part was seeing Jake, one of Bellewood’s managers, working alongside his Little Brother, whom I’ll call Andrew.
Andrew, adorned with festive elf ears, worked like an old hand, stocking cider, moving boxes of apples, and joking with the other workers. When I complimented him, telling him he seemed like a pro, he told me that he’d actually only been to the farm a few times. “I like working out here,” he told me. “I don’t like doing chores at home, but this is fun because nobody’s making me do it.”
Watching Andrew work, happy and relaxed, grinning as his Big Brother clapped him on the shoulder for a job well done, one thought kept running through my head: this is why we do what we do.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays! 

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