Friday, January 20, 2012

A message from CEO Bliss Goldstein!

Hey everyone! This week we have a letter from our very own CEO, Bliss Goldstein! Check it out:

Happy New Year everyone!  At the beginning of the year the staff and I talked a lot about creating a magnetic community and attracting great people and great opportunities to BBBS.  Sometimes you get what you envision.  As it turns out, 2011 was an amazing year for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  From receiving Non-Profit of the Year to exceeding our goal of 300 matches served to adding a new Business Manager and a new Events Co-ordinator who are both awesome, our magnet has been strong.  We've been through a year of change, that's for sure.  But we're not afraid of change at BBBS because change can be good. But the true success story is our Program Staff who shepard miracles weekly, big and small.  Without their tireless dedication to making sure each match is happy, healthy, safe and fun, so much good "stuff" wouldn't be coming our way.  When you do good work, the word gets out. So here's to 2012.  We're starting from a place of strength and want to leverage the opportunities that have come our way for further success. Last year our word was "magnetic"; this year it's "strategic."  We want to live up to our mission that every child who needs or wants a mentor is matched someone they can look up to.  Considering that the number of children between 6 and 14-years-old living at or below the poverty line is 3,000 in Whatcom and 2,000 in Skagit, that will take lots of brain cells from many smart and caring people to make it so.  We know this won't happen over night, but we take stock and rejoice in the fact that in 2011 we started down that path with a bang. For everyone who is a part of this journey, thank you. Now let's work together to make 2012 BIG

 We cant do it without your help, Start something BIG in 2012!

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