Monday, November 26, 2012

You, Social Media, and your Little

Hey Bigs! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. This week we wanted to do a little post to talk about Social Media, and how your adventures with your Little fit into that.

We are so thankful when you guys mention BBBS in social media, it helps spread the word about our organization and gains more followers and volunteers for us. We can never have enough Bigs! But it's important to make sure you keep your Little anonymous when you post. To do this, just dont post any names or pictures. We want to make sure we keep that part of the program off of the internet. Its up to your Little to decide if he/she wants to tell people they are in the program, and to protect their decision please avoid mentioning names.

Other ways to refer to your Little:
Little Brother/ Little Sister
My Match
First letter of his or her name (i.e. Me and S went to the movies today)

Thank you for being understanding of this, and if you have any questions regarding social media and your Little please dont hesitate to email or call us! Here is a list of our staff, and their contact information:


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