Thursday, January 10, 2013

National Mentoring Month!

Happy New Year! 

Everyone at Big Brothers Big Sisters is excited to begin a new year with tons of new opportunities for helping our community. We have a lot going on this year at BBBS and are so glad that youll be a part of it! 

First off for this year we have January, National Mentoring Month! How will you spread the word about mentoring this January? Here are ten things YOU can do for national mentoring month 

Also, here are some encouraging words about mentoring from President Obama : 

"Mentors know that helping a child unlock their full potential begins with care, guidance, and support - which is why my Administration is proud to celebrate mentorship nationwide through programs that help young people see the strength within themselves. We created the Corporate Mentoring Challenge, which encourages businesses across our country to open or expand mentoring programs that equip our youth with the tools to achieve. We have connected young men and women in the Washington, D.C., area with mentors at the White House, and we have partnered with groups across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to build pathways to summer job opportunities for low-income and disconnected youth. And since 2010, we have worked to build strong connections between children and responsible adults through our Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative."

If you want to see the entire proclamation click here :

We want to hear about your mentoring experiences and what youre doing for mentoring month, so let us know via Facebook or Twitter! 

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